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Posnet has achieved the status of a leader on the Polish market when it comes to cash registers. Domestic entrepreneurs often reach for the brand's products because they know that they will receive solutions characterized by the highest standard of performance, equipped with numerous functionalities facilitating everyday business operations. Posnet fiscal cash registers are available in many interesting variants, because the manufacturer is well aware of the need to adapt its products to the diverse preferences and expectations of customers. Each Posnet cash register has been made in accordance with generally accepted standards, thanks to which by choosing them, you provide yourself with solutions combining high functionality, wide application and intuitive operation. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the assortment of our store and purchase Posnet products.


After purchase, we guarantee free delivery, programming and fiscalisation, while the orders themselves are processed within 24 hours.

VAT should be added to the prices below.

Posnet fiscal cash register - technological support

Although the Posnet brand has been on the market only since 1993, it does not mean that its representatives do not have the experience and skills in providing entrepreneurs with products at the highest possible level. Posnet cash registers are produced in cooperation with Wincor Nixdorf (until recently - Siemens Nixdorf), known in the industry as an unrivaled specialist providing broadly understood equipment and services for banking and retail purposes. Such cooperation results in the creation of products that are a direct response to the needs of customers looking for reliable methods of keeping transparent and efficient accounting records.

Posnet cash registers in the Edikson store offer

Understanding the trust of customers in the Posnet brand, we decided to create an attractive offer, which includes the most popular models of these devices. Regardless of whether it is Posnet cash registers adapted to a thriving, expanding commercial company or a small exhibition stand, our range is prepared for even the most precise consumer needs. We offer, among others such models as:


  • Posnet Ergo - the design and production of the Posnet Ergo cash register was convinced of the need to create an accessory that combines the most important functionalities with low weight, intuitive operation and aesthetic design. It can be easily paired with other accessories - such as payment terminals or scales. It is also adapted to modular expansion;

  • Posnet Ergo Online - a variation of the previous model with an added internet module, facilitating trouble-free contact with the network, including, of course, the Central Repository of Cash Registers;

  • Posnet Mobile Online - an excellent proposition for people working in a profession that requires frequent changes of places of professional activity. The Posnet Mobile cash register is characterized by small dimensions, efficiency (up to 8,000 prints on a single charge) and the possibility of charging via a USB cable;

  • Posnet Bingo Max Online - the line of Bingo Max cash registers has been known to customers since the end of the 90s, when its first version appeared. Currently available solutions are equipped with all the necessary functions to facilitate business operation. The system is equipped with a reminder about reports and reviews, it also has an integrated weight - an ideal option, for example, for local greengrocers;

  • Posnet Revo Online - these Posnet cash registers are characterized by a modern design referring to the traditional appearance of the devices. A physical keyboard and a bright liquid crystal screen facilitate the operation of the system. An additional online module (available in three versions) will allow you to safely connect the cash register to the Internet;

  • Posnet Neo XL - an extensive system fiscal cash register Posnet is a product highly appreciated by entrepreneurs, based on the latest industry technologies - pairing with scales, integration with the terminal or the possibility of saving reminders, which makes it noticeably increase the comfort of work in the enterprise.


We encourage you to buy.

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