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We implement popular software for gastronomy: Dotykacka, Gastro POS, IzzyRest, Posbistro,
Software for hotels: Chart hotel program, KW Hotel, complete POS systems. Please contact us, we will be happy to help you choose the best solution. Prices are net prices.

POS terminals

  Simple, fast and reliable sales systems speed up work, reduce losses and increase profits. On this page we have put together suggestions for the equipment you may need. We encourage you to contact us, we will be happy to prepare a dedicated offer

POS terminals are computers with touch screens dedicated to work as a quick sale. Thanks to them, customers are served faster and more efficiently. Touch screens save time needed for employee training and guarantee effective work. The result is an increase in sales, a reduction in operating costs and an increase in the company's profits. Their undoubted advantage is the small size of the housing resistant to external factors, ensuring reliable operation and taking up little space.

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Recently, touch monitors are gaining popularity due to the low price. You just need to connect cheap desktop computers to them. Such a set takes up a little more space than a computer with an integrated touch monitor, but its great advantage is the ability to quickly transfer data to a replacement computer in the event of a failure. All our monitors are designed for continuous operation 24/7. Thanks to promotional sets with fiscal printers, we can offer them at prices up to 40% lower than the market prices.


Central units are useful for sets with touch monitors and as servers. We especially recommend post-leasing equipment cheaper by up to 70% than the prices of new equipment. Specialized industrial computers are not only cheap, but also efficient and durable. We sell it with an additional warranty. Moreover, we equip them with legal software.

Android tablets are the perfect solution for people who are looking for a cheap solution. Thanks to advanced technology, equipment with very high parameters can be purchased for a symbolic amount. They will be useful for users of Dotykacka, Posbistro and Gastro applications to accept and receive orders on the screen in the kitchen and to operate the control panel. Each tablet can be placed on a stand, thanks to this solution a modern POS station with very good parameters is created.

Posnet cash registers support voucher printers, thanks to this solution there is no need for a computer or specialized software. The solution is especially recommended for smaller premises.

Posnet fiscal printers have the possibility of network communication and cooperate with all sales systems that support fiscal printouts. The latest devices print company logos on the receipt and have the ability to generate many useful prints such as VAT invoices, vouchers, non-fiscal bills, loyalty coupons, etc. More advanced devices have an electronic copy of the receipt, online communication function with the tax office or a paper cutter.

Thermal receipt printers are mainly used in gastronomy, they enable the printing of a voucher for a cook or bartender, as well as VAT invoices or non-fiscal bills. They can be connected via USB, LAN or WiFi directly to the sales program. The function of the audible message about the printing of the voucher is also useful.

Cash drawers can work in two configurations: opened by an order from the cash register, or by a key (also the possibility of emergency opening). Thanks to the impulse control in the range of 5 - 12 V, 0.7 A with a minimum duration of 300 ms, our drawers cooperate with most devices available on the market.

For the needs of advanced installations, we use access control systems (electronic locks), logging and working time measurement systems, paging systems, magnetic card readers and chip readers.

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