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Keenon Dinerbot T5 Waiter Robot - Master of Practicality

Keenon Dinerbot T5 Waiter Robot - Master of Practicality


PLN 1,020/m.

Keenon DinerBot T5- delivery and advertising waiter robot
Dinerbot T5 can work stably and efficiently in various application scenarios. It has its own synchronous localization and mapping system and multi-sensor fusion algorithms, including encoder,  gyroscope (IMU), lidarodome, LIDAR, image module, UWB and WIFI. It's the smartest technology to support Keenon companies today. The Dinerbot T5 robot is a typical workhorse for the hardest work both on a daily basis and during special events. It moves extremely efficiently and the conveniently located trays make it the most usable robot on the market. Despite the high payload, it only needs 70 cm of aisle width, which is a better result than in the case of low-payload robots such as Pudu Bellabot, which needs as much as 80-90 cm - only Keenon Dinerbot T8 - 55 cm needs less space._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

    The most important features:

    • It has the ability to open the door remotely thanks to an additional module.
    • KEENON DINERBOT T5 uses LIDAR mapping technology to help the robot navigate its environment by perceiving objects, identifying and avoiding collisions.
    • During the LIDAR mapping process, the robot can be set to automatically recharge at fixed points to ensure continuous operation.
    • Food delivery robots speed up service, reduce labor costs i  attract diners to restaurants. In addition to serving meals, this robot is versatile;_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf serving tea and water in offices, sending and receiving express parcels, delivering takeaway food and providing goods distribution services,
    • Android operating system with touchscreen control panel support.
    • Easy to use thanks to the extremely flexible speed limit function that can adapt the speed to the slope of the terrain, thus better adapting to the environment.
    • Multi-point deliveries allow the robot to deliver a meal to a designated guest table up to 3 different tables in 1 order.
    • When placing an order, the robot delivers the meal to the guest's designated table, after reaching the table, the robot uses an intelligent voice to communicate with the guest that the meal has arrived. and confirm received on the touch screen. This sends the robot to the next table or returns to the starting point. You can program the time that guests must pick up the meal from the tray. When the set time has passed and if the meal is not is removed, the robot will move to the next table or return to the starting point.
    • 4 adjustable trays - load per tray 10kg.
    • Intelligent facial expressions  —more exciting man-machine communication.
    • Intelligent Voice - flexible communication with guests.
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