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Kasa fiskalna Posnet Ergo Online

Kasa fiskalna Posnet Ergo Online

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One of the most popular cash registers on the Posnet ERGO market, now available in an ONLINE version. The device, thanks to its modular structure, provides the user with the freedom to choose between a wired or wireless connection to the Central Repository of Cash Registers (CRK).

If you have a computer connected to the Internet - connect the cash register to the computer via USB and do not pay extra for data transmission. This is the basic version of the checkout.
You can equip Ergo with communication modules at any time. Do you have Internet and WiFi in your store? You can use it to communicate with CRK. Do you provide services or conduct mobile trade in the field? Equip your cash register with a 3G modem.

Colour: Ciemny

The Posnet Ergo cash register is a perfect combination of the most important properties of cash registers and the previous experience in their creation. These are proven solutions, extraordinary durability and rich functionality enclosed in a compact housing.

Ergo is a functionally rich device. It can operate independently, as well as be part of the cash register system. All the necessary devices that you may need in the store or outside of it work with the cash register. The design of the cash register allows for modular expansion - the customer can immediately decide on the target version of the cash register or, as the business grows, supplement its functionality by increasing the PLU base or adding communication modules (WiFi, Bluetooth or 3G modem). In the extended version, the cash register also has tunneling of COM ports.

We will immediately deliver your purchase for free:
- DPD  courier company
- to the Inpost parcel locker
- local transport  

We also encourage you to conveniently pick up at a selected salon or from our partners throughout Poland


If you find this product in another store at a lower price - contact us and we will try to adapt to your conditions!

Fast payment methods at your disposal:
- debit/credit card
- cheap Leaselink  installments
- fast Przelewy24 (Blik, Polish banks), PaysafeCash, Rapid Transfer, Skrill wallet
- manual transfer to our account 
- payment in cash / card upon receipt in the store
or from the supplier
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