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Hotel and Bar Waiter Robot - Keenon Butlerbot W3 - Master of Charm and Elegance

Hotel and Bar Waiter Robot - Keenon Butlerbot W3 - Master of Charm and Elegance

1 099,00 złPrice

PLN 1,334/m.

Butlerbot W3- Keenon Butlerbot W3 complete hotel solution provides fully autonomous positioning and navigation technology, making it easy to adapt to hotel aisles, elevators and guest rooms. It will plan the best route, offering the fastest and most efficient service to your guests. With a large payload of 20 kg and a unique cabin climate control system, the Butlerbot W3 offers more space to transport items and the ability to adjust the trays as needed by guests. From the loT platform, users can digitally manage and customize the robot's operation and view operational data at any time. 

Improve your  and customer experience :

  • A better, more engaging experience for both guests and staff
  • Smart janitor mode with voice greeting i to guide guests around the facility,
  • Fast and contactless delivery,
  • Delivery is secure, locked, and the location can be hidden to give guests complete privacy,
  • Saves waiting time, performs repetitive tasks and can be remotely controlled,
  • Intelligent path tracking and obstacle detection
We will immediately deliver your purchase for free:
- DPD  courier company
- to the Inpost parcel locker
- local transport  

We also encourage you to conveniently pick up at a selected salon or from our partners throughout Poland


If you find this product in another store at a lower price - contact us and we will try to adapt to your conditions!

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