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In the Edikson store, we know that many entrepreneurs ask the same question when it comes to an option such as an online cash register - when do new regulations come into force regarding the need to change the traditional, paper form of accounting for transactions to an electronic version? At the beginning of 2020, this regulation began to apply to many professions related to the automotive industry, we are talking here primarily about vulcanizers or workshops, but also petrol stations did not avoid the change. The year 2021 transfers this regulation to other industries. Here we are talking about gastronomy, night shelters, hotels, hostels, boarding houses, as well as coal sellers. Our offer is prepared for the needs of customers operating in such industries. In the middle of the year, in July, the need to make online settlements will appear in the case of the beauty industry and fitness salons. Doctors providing private services and lawyers will not avoid this either.


We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our range, where you will find many interesting options in the field of online cash registers.

After purchase, we guarantee free delivery, programming and fiscalisation, while the orders themselves are processed within 24 hours.

VAT should be added to the prices below.

Online cash register - how does it work?

The main difference between the traditional accounting for turnover and the electronic model is primarily the automatic transfer of financial information to the Central Repository of Cash Registers, which in turn is associated with the Ministry of Finance. The assumption is that this process is to significantly improve the flow of data between the above-mentioned entities. This mainly applies to daily reports and fiscal receipts, but non-fiscal documentation is also subject to this provision.


Fortunately, there is a large incentive offered to entrepreneurs launching their first fiscal devices, here we are talking about the possibility of deducting as much as PLN 700 from the Tax Office. Our store guarantees its customers such a relief. Although online cash registers are chosen more and more often by entrepreneurs (many people believe that they guarantee much greater convenience of use), there is still a group of people who delay the replacement of the traditional cash register. As long as it is not yet regulated by law, no one is threatened with any problems, but it is worth getting interested in replacing the device with a modern model. Thanks to this, you will avoid unpleasant surprises in the face of the sudden need to settle accounts under new rules.

Online cash register - Edikson store offer

At Edikson, we want to move with the times, so we offer our customers modern technologies that combine elegant design, ease of use and the latest functionalities needed to maintain transparent accounting. We focus primarily on products of reputable brands that have gained the sympathy of entrepreneurs. Each online cash register available in our assortment is characterized by high quality of workmanship, which directly translates into satisfaction with use. We invite you to take a look at our offer and to do shopping.

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