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The Edikson store is a place created for both novices who are just taking their first steps within their enterprise, and for professionals who know their industry very well. We assume that the creation of a wide range of products tailored to the different preferences of customers will allow us to meet the needs of each of them. As a shop and service in one, we make every effort to provide our contractors with professional assistance when the equipment purchased from us ceases to function in accordance with its intended use. Anyone who is interested in a mobile cash register will find some remarkable products in our offer.


After purchase, we guarantee free delivery, programming and fiscalisation, while the orders themselves are processed within 24 hours.

VAT should be added to the prices below.

    Mobile fiscal cash registers - convenience and functionality

    Modern entrepreneurs are often not limited to one space. What's more, it even happens that due to the specificity of the profession, they often change their location, meet with contractors in various offices. This mode of doing business is becoming more frequent every year, so businessmen who want to increase their mobility and efficiency are looking for solutions that will help them in this. The answer to their needs is a mobile cash register, which can be easily hidden in a bag, briefcase or in the car.


    The device can be easily charged by connecting to the car charger, so even a sudden business meeting will not be a problem. In the Edikson store, we have an extensive assortment, which includes mobile solutions tailored to the diverse needs of customers. We have, among others the smallest cash register on the market, i.e. the Posnet Mobile model, such a solution will easily provide each entrepreneur with a unique combination of ease of use, mobility and all the necessary functionalities that this type of device must have. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer and to place orders

    Mobile fiscal cash register - for whom?

    Entrepreneurs starting the adventure with their own business have to answer the question whether they need a mobile cash register? Maybe it is better to choose a stationary variant and place it permanently in the sales stand. However, there are professions whose representatives should definitely have a portable solution for logistical reasons:


    • Trafficking traders - we are talking about a still popular form of activity based on direct access to the customer with the products owned. Although this practice may be associated with an acquisition, contrary to appearances, the work of a wholesaler who supplies his assortment to contractors often takes this form. In this case, a mobile cash register becomes an integral part of every visit;

    • Vendors at stalls and markets - although people who sell at stalls do not often change their location (unless within the marketplace itself), the limited access to current electricity effectively makes it difficult to use a stationary device. In this case, a mobile cash register will be much more convenient to use. We can always recharge it at home, before going to work;

    • Food truck owners - food trucks are becoming an increasingly popular variety of gastronomy, which is constantly gaining more and more interest among consumers. So that working in such a car does not cause accounting problems, the mobile cash register will turn out to be a bull's eye. It will not limit the working space used for gastronomic equipment, while ensuring high functionality;

    • Beauticians - the work of a beautician usually requires changing the salon every now and then. It sometimes happens that the company is developing, the number of employees is increasing, and there is less and less space for additional accessories and equipment, so the stationary cash register ceases to make sense. Many people involved in the provision of this type of service also offer transport to the client. Then having a mobile cash register will be necessary. The situation is identical for hairdressers;

    • Mechanics - each mechanic uses the space he has to the maximum. He has to find a place not only for his work tools and specialized equipment, but also for cars waiting in line for repair and diagnosis. That is why mechanics are often forced to rearrange their workshops in order to optimize the available space. A stationary cash register would be an unnecessary difficulty, and the mobile option will make things much easier.


    These are, of course, just a few of the most expressive examples. Mobile cash registers are also useful for doctors providing private services, lawyers or people working in stationary trade who are unable to put a stationary device due to the limited space on the counter. And these are only professions in which we are talking about the absolute necessity to rely on such an accessory. Contractors from other professions also often use portable cash registers, all thanks to the comfort of service.

    Mobile cash register - how to choose?

    At the moment when the entrepreneur knows that the mobile cash register is a bull's-eye in his case, the selection criterion becomes an important issue. Many people wonder what factors have a decisive influence on the purchase of such a device, so it is worth shedding some light on this issue.


    • Efficiency - the basic criterion that must be taken into account when buying a cash register is the length of its work on a single charge. When it comes to battery endurance, it usually refers to the number of mAh (milliampere hours), but in the case of a mobile cash register, a better ratio would be the number of receipt prints or the sum of lines printed. Our store offers solutions that offer up to 8,000 prints on a single charge (which translates into approx. 50,000 lines);

    • Internet access - more and more professions are covered by the regulation, according to which you should start settling your bills electronically. Of course, this does not apply to all professions, but the number is increasing every year. Many entrepreneurs prefer to buy a device with Internet access in advance, so that they do not have to constantly read new regulations. In addition, electronic accounting allows us to contact the Central Cash Register Repository, which facilitates the transparency of accounting;

    • Additional accessories - sometimes it is pointed out that it is always worth choosing a solution that guarantees the possibility of expansion. Many professions will require connection to a mobile cash register, e.g. a scale. However, it is worth considering whether we really need such accessories in our work. A self-employed entrepreneur will not be forced to buy additional accessories. However, it will be different in the case of larger retail outlets, where it will be necessary to equip a scale, a cashier's drawer or a payment terminal. Remember to clearly define your needs and rationally estimate which peripheries are necessary and which - completely unnecessary.

    Mobile cash register in the Edikson store

    A mobile cash register is a device without which it is difficult to imagine running many businesses, we are well aware of it, which is why our carefully selected range includes only proposals signed with logos of trusted brands. We avoid cheap, low-quality substitutes, believing that combining competitive prices with high-standard products is not only possible, but even advisable. We invite you to check our offer.

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