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Reliability, intuitive operation and efficiency in operation - Elzab cash registers are famous for combining these three properties and this is why they are very popular among customers. Users appreciate the technology used by the company and the drive for innovation. It is the Elzab fiscal register as the first in Poland to be equipped with a touch panel, which was met with enthusiasm by customers. The company is therefore considered a pioneer of modern solutions and basing its products on innovative technological achievements. As a result of the experience and knowledge of consumer expectations, solutions produced by Elzab often result in user loyalty. We encourage you to buy the brand's products in our store and find out for yourself about their reliability.


After purchase, we guarantee free delivery, programming and fiscalisation, while the orders themselves are processed within 24 hours.

VAT should be added to the prices below.

Elzab cash register - a diverse offer

Representatives of the Elzab brand, as people present on the market for many years, know that the users of cash registers have different needs, which is why they do not limit themselves to only one type of product. As part of their offer, they propose devices that are adapted to support both dynamically operating enterprises and small local shops. The same is true for business novices who have not had contact with this type of work tool before - the company offers options that will not take more than a few minutes to learn how to use it.

Elzab cash registers in the Edikson store

Knowing the reputation of the Elzab brand and the loyalty of customers to it, we knew that our store cannot lack products signed with the company's logo. That is why, within the range available at Edikson, we offer the following models:


  • Elzab K10 - a product equipped with a touch panel on which contextual buttons are displayed depending on the expected result. This Elzab cash register is a meeting of modern design and universal use - it will be perfect for both large stores and small retail outlets;

  • Elzab K10 Online - a more modern version of the previous model with improved functionality, enriched primarily with Bluetooth and Wifi modules. An additional advantage in favor of this model of Elzab cash register is wireless communication with CRK (Central Repository of Cash registers);

  • Elzab K1 Slim Online - a technologically advanced product equipped with the most important functionalities, such as a touch panel, mobility and Wifi communication. The Elzab K1 Slim Onlina fiscal cash register is a device that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers;

  • Elzab Jota E - Elzab cash register with a traditional look with a mechanical keyboard and a comfortable liquid crystal screen providing 4 lines of text, 24 characters in each line;

  • Elzab Jota Online - a product enabling trouble-free connection to the Internet (including, of course, the Central Cash Register Repository), equipped with a physical keyboard and numerous functionalities increasing the scope of the cash register, such as cooperation with scales or a drawer. The device also has an extensive rebate system;

  • Elzab Mini LT Online - an easy-to-use Elzab fiscal cash register with a traditional keyboard and a liquid crystal display displaying two lines of text, 24 characters each. It is characterized by low weight and efficient internet connection.


We invite you to check our products and to place orders.

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