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Robot Waiter Keenon Dinerbot T8 - Serving and Advertising - Master of Agility

Robot Waiter Keenon Dinerbot T8 - Serving and Advertising - Master of Agility

699,00 złPrice

PLN 941/m.

Keenon DinerBot T8 Waiter Robot- delivery and advertising performance champion.
Fast, agile and incredibly intelligent, the Keenon Dinerbot T8 robot can easily handle narrow spaces as small as 55 centimeters wide. This makes it an ideal choice for tight and crowded spaces. Avoid obstacles with the 2+1 vision planner that dynamically scans and recognizes obstacles in real time. The cosmic systems used in this robot have no equivalent in the competition, the robot moves by far the best of all that have been produced so far, it only needs 55 cm of clearance, while the previous record was 70 cm (Dinerbot T5), for comparison a similar robot Pudu Bellabot needs as much as 80-90 cm of clearance. This is very important in busy and tight places. Keenon Dinerbot T8 moves faster than a living person and avoids moving obstacles with millisecond accuracy, thanks to advanced cameras, lasers and software refined by over 200 Keenon programmers. The robot has undergone advanced tests of robotic companies Softbank Robotics and Hyundai Robotics, which introduced it to the offer under their brands. 

    The most important advantages:

    • It has the ability to open the door remotely thanks to an additional module.
    • KEENON DINERBOT T8 adopts the SLAM map locating and building system, which helps to work stably and efficiently in restaurants, high positioning accuracy and robustness with encoder, gyroscope (IMU), LIDAR lasers and sensors, image module, UWB and more.
    • During the mapping process, the robot can be set to automatically recharge at fixed points for continuous operation.
    • Thanks to the world's best technology, DINERBOT T8 can pass through a narrow clearance of only 55 cm, making it the perfect choice in a crowded environment, it is currently the most agile robot on the global market
    • Intelligent obstacle avoidance with 2+1 binocular vision plan that includes 204° dynamic real-time obstacle detection for safer and smoother movement.
    • Food delivery robots improve service efficiency, reduce labor costs and attract guests by increasing the turnover of the premises. In addition to serving meals in restaurants, this robot is versatile;_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b 136bad5cf58d_can be used to serve tea and water in offices, send and receive express mail, deliver food on-the-go and provide goods distribution services to the restaurant industry.
    • Android operating system with touchscreen control panel support.
    • Easy to use thanks to the extremely flexible speed limit function that can adapt the speed to the slope of the terrain, so it better adapts to the room.
    • When placing an order, the robot delivers the meal to the guest's designated table, after reaching the table, it communicates with the guest using an intelligent voice that the meal has arrived. has been completed. This sends the robot to the next table or returns to the starting point. You can specify the time that guests must pick up their meal from the tray._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_When the set time has elapsed and if the meal is not deleted, the robot will move to the next table or return to the starting point.
    • Innovative Intelligent Voice - Flexibility to communicate with guests.
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